Multimedia Method: Book + Video Files + Audio Files

Learn how to play the main Brazilian grooves and styles (choro, baião, samba, bossa, frevo, partido-alto, marcha-rancho) with this practical and complete method. In this book you will discover innovative techniques with a gradual learning path: there are 15 songs with different levels of development, 78 exercises, several groove patterns for comping. The book contains 136 pages.

Grooves, musics, solo and comping

Learn how to play solo piano and how to comp other instruments. The repertoire presented offers both solo piano and piano comping versions.

Purchase the book, download the videos and audios that integrates the study. Watch the videos, use the audio bases to study the songs and practice the groove exercises and patterns.

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Video samples:

Here’s a message I received recently from Liz Kinnon, an artist and jazz educator in Los Angeles that bought “The Brazilian Piano Book” on Amazon:

“Hi Turi. Congratulations for this accomplishment!

Fantastic work, all around. I know the tremendous amount of time, thought, and skill goes into preparing such a book (+ audio) as this. It is beautifully done! I am especially interested in solo piano methods of playing the music authentically. Solo piano (vs. with a group) is a weak point for me and I look forward to getting better.

I have been a keyboard player, writer, arranger, and jazz educator in Los Angeles for 35+ years. I was working as a jazz/pop musician decades ago when I fell in love with Afro-Cuban and Brazilian music. I was incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to play with some of L.A.’s finest musicians in those genres, giving me a chance to learn from the best. I’m always looking to learn more (or even confirm/validate what I know) from people like yourself who are true experts.

You may be familiar with some Brazilians I worked with early on … but those best known are Octavio Bailly (bass), Claudio Slon (drums), Kenia (vocal), Kleber Jorge, and many others who lived in L.A. for varying amounts of time. I also knew Antonio Adolfo when he lived in L.A. and went to Brazil to do a little clinic in Blues and Jazz at his school in Rio in  the early 90’s. There aren’t many Brazilian gigs in L.A. these days but I welcome any opportunity to play this great music with Brazilian musicians.

I shall treasure your book and will be very happy to write a great review! I thought I had purchased it on Amazon, but don’t see it on my account. I may have had my husband add it to an order he was placing. I will have him check and if so I will access from his account to leave the review”.

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