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  1. Why dont you do right-DUO-Piano-Voz

    Why don’t do do right – DUO

    Why don't you do right. In a rainy Sunday, at home, my wife and I recorded this. We had a lot of fun, I hope that you like it!

  2. Bossa Nova: Corcovado by Tom Jobim

    Bossa Nova: Corcovado – Harmonization and Improvisation

    One of the most beautiful composition by Tom Jobim. As covid measures oblige us to stay at home, nothing better than spending a saturday night at home playing piano! I hope you like this version.

  3. Bossa Nova: Influência do Jazz – Piano Duo

    Influência do jazz, a classic bossa nova by Carlos Lyra. A long distance piano duo made possible by the technology. I hope you enjoy!

  4. Letter from home - Pat Metheny - Turi Collura

    Letter from Home – Pat Metheny

    Letter from home is a very beautiful song by Pat Metheny. Here you can find two versions: a piano solo and a duo version. Hope you ejnoy!

  5. Baião Além Mar Brazilian Rhythm

    Music: Além mar – Baião Brazilian Rhythm

    Baião rhythm based song "Além mar" is an example of an instrumental music influenced by the jazz language. Discover the Brazilian Piano Book.

  6. Olha Maria - dedicated to the victims of covid and their families

    Olha Maria (Tom Jobim) – To the victims of Covid

    I dedicate this music to the victims of Covid and their families all around the world. I hope that soon the human kind can find peace and a "new normal". And I hope that we can always have a lot of music and love.

  7. Tema para Ana - Tom Jobim

    Tema para Ana (Tom Jobim) – Piano Solo

    Tema para Ana is a less known song from Tom Jobim. I like this composition very much. Here is a piano solo interpretation. I hope you enjoy.

  8. Bossa Nova Harmony and it’s peculiarities

    Bossa Nova: the harmony and the characteristics and peculiarities of this famous Brazilian genre that influenced the world.

  9. Improvising on Tom Jobim’s Corcovado

    Corcovado is a very well known song from Tom Jobim. Here I play the theme with some improvisation and reharm, hope you enjoy.

  10. If you never come to me – Piano Solo

    If you never come to me is a beautiful song from the brazilian composer Tom Jobim. Here I play a piano solo version. Hope you enjoy.