Hi, I’m Turi. I’m passionate about teaching and about developing ‘the all round musician’!

Popular Piano, Jazz Piano, Blues Piano, Improvisation, Harmony and much more. It’s you and me connected by the technology, from everywhere in the world!


Technology connects people. And here we are!

If you are looking for dedicated and committed teacher and professional musician that leads your music studies to a next level give me a chance! You can have Zoom/Skype/Facetime weekly based lessons or schedule lessons at a time and date that suit for you. I love to work planning a program especially based on your needs, goals, music tastes and skills.

Tuition is available in a wide variety of areas including Jazz Piano, Blues Piano, Piano Grooves and Rhythmics, Harmony, Improvisation, Music Theory. But I think that Brazilian Piano (bossa nova, samba, choro…) can be my differential!


If you don’t have time

If you are a busy person, and yet you want a professor to guide you in your studies, we can meet online just once a month. During our class we’ll discuss and plan together the work. Then, with a weekly base I’ll send you some vídeos with the explanations about the studies (exercises, techniques, songs etcetera). You can study them in your time, then you can record some videos in return in order I can observe your learning evolution.