Luiza (Tom Jobim): piano solo

LUIZA: An interpretation/arrangement of a beautiful song from the great composer Tom Jobim.

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Christmas, “Jingle bells” and some reharmonization on piano

Christmas came, one day, so I toke the Jingle bells melody, sat at the piano, used some jazzy harmony and tried to make a live reharmonization...

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Somewhere over the rainbow (piano solo)

If you like this arrangement, I'm happy to share the sheet I take as a reference in this performance. DOWNLOAD the PDF here.

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Radamés y Pelé (Tom Jobim): piano solo

"Radamés y Pelé" is another beautiful composition by Tom Jobim. Here's a piano solo arrangement, with some improvisation in the middle.

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A Frevo Brazilian rhythm song at SESC Theatre

Frevo is a rhythm related with dance and with the northeast Brazilian carnival. In this video we perform a composition by the saxophonist Dado Magnelli

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“Último Desejo” (Noel Rosa): piano solo

Último desejo is a beautiful composition from the carioca samba composer Noel Rosa. I made an interpretation on piano solo during a show dedicated to him. You can listen to my CD dedicated to Noel's compositions, called "Conversa na Vila". Find it on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and so on.

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When J.S. Bach goes to Brazil

Bach and samba mixed during a piano class. We improvised, altered... we did music and had a lot of fun! A lot of things can happen! Brazilian Rhythms.

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Improvising on Blue Bossa

My student Patrick improvising on "Blue Bossa". I like to think the improvisation like a sort of "composition in movement", something that you must be prepared to "improvise". We have to study a lot before we create in the moment.

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The jazz improvisation approach on blues

O meu aluno Patrick em uma divertida sessão de improvisação sobre o blues seguindo certos critérios que estudamos durante as aulas.

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